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What we offer

We understand that every person has a different journey which is why we will create a program that is 100% made to suit your needs.

Need help launching? Are you having difficulties in finding new clients? Looking for some advice on your marketing campaigns? Looking for someone to steer you towards your goals?

Upstream Growth can help with all of the above and more.

Our Services


E-commerce Business Consultancy - Amazon

Supercharge your Amazon success with my expert e-commerce consulting services. As a specialist in Amazon, I'll guide you through every step of the journey, from product optimization and brand positioning to marketing strategies and sales growth.

Gain a competitive edge and achieve your e-commerce goals with my tailored solutions. Let's ignite your Amazon business and propel it to new heights!


Online Store Setup

Upstream Growth can help all offline businesses setup their stores online! By providing advice in website layouts, Etsy store setups, and Amazon Listings. We make sure your business is setup online with the correct profit margins in place.


Paid Traffic Consultancy

If you’re just beginning your paid traffic journey and are considering using social media as an avenue to level up your business - especially on Amazon or Etsy then contact us for guidance on all aspects of crafting a killer social media strategy. 


Influencer Marketing

Not sure on where to start to find Influencers? We understand it can be a daunting task but we can make the ride a lot smoother by providing you contact details of influencers in your niche!  


Digital marketing Strategies

E-mail Campaign Strategies, Coupon Code Strategies, Social Media Page Layout and Design, Lead Generator forms. All the small strategies that help build a successful business. 

Contact Us for a FREE Discovery Call!

Thank you to an amazing mentor who helped me start my creative business. Stephanie is an inspiring mentor who knows exactly how to encourage and motivate whoever is on the other side. Having her as my mentor, the process of setting up a business felt simpler, less stressful, and definitely more enjoyable. With her guidance and clear plan I was able to take the next step that for so long I was so hesitant to take - I couldn't be happier that I did and that I had her next to me. Grateful for her guidance, support, and insights. Highly highly recommend! - Myria @monveuxstudio

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