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9 years of experience in the eCommerce & Freelance industry who now specialises in Business Development and anything along the lines of Digital Marketing.
Stephanie is currently providing services as a results-driven business developer to several small businesses by providing contract services to assist in running their business more effectively and efficiently.

Stephanie has a passion for eCommerce, is commercially aware and is an expert in customer behaviour. She has the ability to develop and implement a solid eCommerce strategy that can drive businesses' online growth.

Additionally, she is also very savvy in terms of content creation, organic search, paid search and the myriad of techniques required for driving traffic to a website or online store.

Work Experience

eGrowth Ally
E-commerce Project Manager
  • Specializing in Amazon Seller Account Management

  • Responsible for the day-to-day management, support and execution of activities required to maintain and grow retailer accounts and deliver sales targets and related account KPIs

  • Responsible for strategy and planning for each retailer account including digital marketing program opportunities, pitching and planning sampling, product launches, and promotions

  • Maintain product launches, promotional calendars, and side-by-side promotions

  • Activity and resource planning for an Amazon marketing team(PPC)

  • Organizing and motivating a team project

  • Controlling time management using teamwork Define activity, sequence activity, estimate the duration of the activity, develop and maintain a schedule

  • Ensuring client satisfaction using project management software

SOS Remedies- Stephanie's Organic Skincare Remedies
  • Manufacturing and selling organic skincare products.

  • Provide elite customer service- Communicating with potential clients and small businesses to reach my sales target.

  • Social Media Marketing - Instagram, Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Website blog

  • Business Development - B2B sales, departmental operations, marketing expertise, and sales management.

  •  Market research and analysis of my competitors and potential clients.

  •  Bookkeeping - detailed analysis of all transactions to be recorded.

  • Web Development - SEO, meta tags, web content. Maintaining company website with up-to-date product specifications and availability.

  • Preparing sold products for customer delivery prior to shipping, ensuring that the customer receives quality products in a timely manner.

Online Business Manager
Self-employed Freelancer
  • Social media marketing - Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook. Building up followers by posting engaging blogs/articles/photos.

  • General CRM administration support.

  • Data entry and maintaining electronic filing systems.

  • Marketing support (e.g., posting to social media, scheduling posts, or responding to reviews or inquiries).

  • Bookkeeping.

  • Help setting up and managing business or marketing automation -Support with e-commerce sites (e.g., updating inventory) and content management systems, etc.

  • Performing market research.

  • Preparing customer spreadsheets and keeping online records -Organising managers’ calendars.

  • Creating presentations.

  • Addressing employee's administrative queries


Content Strategy     Campaign Strategy    Branding 

Launching Start-ups  Social Media Setup    Creative Initiatives   

 Etsy  Peopleperhour    Fiverr   Upwork 

Digital Marketing     Amazon    Mentoring 


University of Brighton

BSc , Computer Science 


Travelling 🧳 

Meditation 🧘‍♀️ 

Organic Sustainable Products ❤️

Nature 🌱

Dogs 🐶 

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